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#001 Breathing For Performance With Human Movement And Performance Specialist Brian Mackenzie

In this episode, I have a human performance specialist,  former colleague,  and good friend Brian Mackenzie. We revisit his days at Crossfit, first as CrossFit Endurance and then his books PowerSpeedEndurance, Unbreakable Runner and Unplugged. Brian and Co. then focused on shifting the paradigm in training and preparation for endurance events and then expanding the skill-first message throughout the world of human performance. SHIFT works with professional athletes, Fortune 500 executives, tactical personnel, and everyday people like us became an amazing lab for understanding how stress and our relationship with it shape human behaviour.

SHIFT’s search for the most universal performance enhancement tool available led us down the rabbit hole of breathwork and ultimately resulted in the creation of the Art of Breath seminar series. The Art of Breath was designed to break down traditional silos in breathwork practices and make this amazing tool available to anybody regardless of the entry point.  Breath control is an incredibly powerful tool for improving resilience and enhancing performance for every living human on the planet.  Our journey travelling and developing this seminar highlighted a simple fact-people, even the highest performers on Earth manage stress poorly. I hope you guys enjoy this episode!

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