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#002 – These 5 Safety Tips for Outdoor Exercising That May Save Your Life w/ Casey Parlett

Safety is one of the basic human needs, along with water, food, and shelter. Feeling unsafe makes us live in a state of fight-to-flight where the sympathetic nervous system is on overdrive. Runner’s World Magazine published an article on May 9, 2021, in which 60% of women surveyed have been harassed while running. This needs to end. Now. Everyone should have the freedom to run without fear. It’s time to reclaim the run. Casey Parlett joins me today with five tips on preventing attacks and what to do if you are attacked.

Roughly half of the runners undergo a series of mental calculations before lacing up. In addition to considering their distances and splits,  runners go through a complex checklist before they head out. How many minutes of daylight remain, how easy their keys are to reach in an emergency, which they should inform of their running route, if it’s safe to wear headphones and whether they’ll get to the end of their run without feeling afraid. I hope this episode helps you be better prepared before your next run. 

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